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The U.S. government passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in October 2006. This has put a lot of restrictions on the U.S. players. So here are some casino bankroll tips that would help the players of United States, to play games on online casino websites.

This act was passed under the George Bush administration. The Bush administration actually wanted to ban the online gambling industry completely. But they could not do so as the online gaming industry earned billions of dollars every year. Hence they decided to simply ban banking or transferring of funds to the online gambling sites.

There are very few casinos that allow U.S. players to play the online casino games. But even they face a lot of problems while accepting funds from the U.S. players. Whether gambling is illegal or not, that is not clear in the UIGEA act, but one thing that is clear is that banks are not allowed to process any payments to the online gambling tips. Technically, a U.S. player cannot be barred from playing in an online casino, unless the state laws have banned them. So players need the casino bankroll tips to help them out.

One of the easiest casino bankroll tips that players can follow is use the eWallet solutions. Players can also go for the Western Union money transfers that will help them transfer funds into their account. Another casino bankroll tip will tell you that the player can also make use of the pre paid debit cards. One of the most popular casino bankroll tips suggests that the players can make use of their credit cards. Some of the credit cards are still accepted by the online casino sites. So use these casino bankroll tips and play easily in your favorite online casinos.