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The Importance of a Progressive Jackpot Strategy

Progressive jackpots are understandably enticing to online gamblers. These pots can easily exceed hundreds of thousands of dollars and are won with just a little bit of luck. Players who want to increase their chances of winning one of these pots should take the time to develop a progressive jackpot strategy.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

Most progressive jackpots require players to place an additional bet into a side pot with every regular bet they make on a given game. If the player then meets the conditions for the progressive jackpot while playing the game normally, he or she will win the huge progressive pot with no additional effort. If the player meets the conditions of the progressive pot but failed to place a bet on that particular turn, then he or she cannot win the pot.

Managing the Bankroll

Players have to take a bit of a risk when they decide to place or not place the progressive bet. Some players choose to only place the progressive bet on every other turn, figuring the odds to be so against them winning that opting out occasionally will not hurt them. Generally this is true, but on the one occasion that the player does hit the pot and has opted out of the bet, the player could potentially lose out on the huge winnings.

This sporadic betting is a perfectly valid progressive jackpot strategy and could save the player a dollar per play. However, some players may recognize that the cost to play is so small and the risk so big, that it is worth it to place the progressive bet and at least qualify to win.